About Albania

Pebbly beaches, clear turquoise water and mountain landscapes - all this is magnificent Albania. Mountains and sea - a powerful mixture that takes the breath away from even the most sophisticated traveler! Please don't say we didn't warn you!

General information

The beaches of Albania are mostly small and located in cozy bays. Some places have hard-to-reach bays of a bizarre shape, provoking active travelers to explore them. An important clarification - most beaches do not have natural shade, as the vegetation is either too small or completely absent, so do not forget your sun umbrella and protective products.

Most beaches of Albania are located within settlements, usually more accessible and well equipped, but less picturesque. The latter does not apply to Albania because, despite a large number of city beaches, many still offer stunning views.

Popular destinations

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Vlore County

87 beaches
Picturesque • Cliffs • Natural shadow


26 beaches
Picturesque • Cliffs • Natural shadow

Durres County

14 beaches
Cliffs • Wild beach • Football ground

Tirana County

7 beaches
Cliffs • Beach volleyball • Kids friendly

Lezhe County

3 beaches
Football ground • Beach volleyball • Kids friendly

Fier County

2 beaches
Beach volleyball • Good for party • Senior friendly

Shkoder County

2 beaches
Sea kayaking • Kite or windsurfing • Sup-surfing
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Albania Best beaches

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Good for Relax

Lukova beach  

Lukove 2.2 km

Very good

Picturesque • Beach resort • Easy access • Light fine pebble • Turquoise pure water • Crowded in season
7.8 Amenities index
For explorers

Isole Gemelle beach  

Ksamil 1.2 km

Very good

Picturesque • Amenities beach • Light fine pebble • Access by boat • Crowded in season • No parking
4.5 Amenities index

Pulebardha beach  

Manastir 0.9 km

Very good

Picturesque • Amenities beach • Easy access • Light fine pebble • Turquoise pure water • Crowded in season
5.4 Amenities index

Gjipe beach  

Ilias 1.7 km

Very good

Picturesque • Amenities beach • Light pebble • Difficult access • Crowded in season • No parking
4.7 Amenities index
Good for Relax

Palasa II beach  

Green Coast Residence 0.4 km

Very good

Picturesque • Beach resort • Easy access • White pebble • Blue pure water • Large free area
7.8 Amenities index

Llaman Beach  

Potam (Himare) 0.7 km

Very good

Beach resort • Easy access • Light fine pebble • Turquoise pure water • Small free area • Crowded in season
8.3 Amenities index

Popular types of Albania beaches

Calm, measured rest and the sound of waves are perhaps the most common associations that arise with the word "beach". This is not surprising, as relaxation is exactly what many beach travelers are looking for. If you associate your vacation primarily with such activity, choose one of the 115 beaches in the country.

To make your choice easier, we have prepared a list of the best beaches for relaxation in Albania.

The beaches of Albania can be a good choice for senior travelers, as there are 37 beaches equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay for this group of travelers.

In most cases, older travelers are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday and have high demands on infrastructure. This type of beach is the opposite of the party ones preferred by the younger generation.

Attraction and Infrastructure

As for the main features of the beaches of Albania, they are as follows:

  • The country's beaches are mainly wide, quite short and have a high level of cleanliness. The most common surface is pebble of bright color.
  • Usually, entry into the water is abrupt, so non-swimmers should be very careful. There are 49 such beaches out of 115 in the country.
  • The average distance from the road to beach in Albania is less than 500 meters. 102 beaches are relatively easy to access, 3 beaches are difficult to access, which in most cases means that you have to walk a quite long distance, and 9 beaches are only accessible from the water. The latter include both island beaches and beaches with no land routes due to the natural borders.

The beaches in Albania are used mainly by beach clubs (resorts), usually open to everyone but for a fee. These establishments offer a full range of amenities with limited operational hours. At the same time, you can still find a wild beach, use our filter for this.

Dozens of beaches in Albania attract every year not only relaxation lovers but also those travelers who prefer outdoor activities and, first of all kayakers, snorkeling lovers, sup boarders.

So, let's see what activities you can do on the beaches:

  • SUP is a relatively young sport that attracts more and more followers every year. Whether you are an experienced SUP rider or want to discover this activity, Albania is the perfect place for you. More than 3 beaches are popular among SUP boarders. Who knows, you will become an enthusiastic fan of SUP after visiting these beaches.
  • Snorkeling. For admirers of the inner beauty of coastal waters, it is essential to know that about 14 beaches in Albania that are popular with snorkelers. According to our users, the best locations are: Isole Gemelle beach, Pulebardha beach, Gjipe beach.
  • Sea kayaking is an excellent alternative to long walks along the coast. Instead of being bored on the beach, you can go for a leisurely journey and discover the beauty of the neighboring coves, inlets and wild beaches. Remember, the main gems are always accessible only from the water. Kayaking is an excellent active lifestyle solution for both professionals and beginners. About 24 beaches in Albania can be interesting for kayakers, the most popular are: Lukova beach, Isole Gemelle beach.

Do you love an active lifestyle but would prefer something other than water activities? Then on the beaches of Albania you can actively spend time playing volleyball. Although this country does not have the privileged status of the volleyball capital of World, it may well compete for this title because there are about 23 beaches where you can play volleyball.

For campers, important information is the availability of campsites in the country. There are such places near the 14 beaches of Albania. 4 of them are a kind of wild camp, formed spontaneously by lovers of this type of recreation and did not have an infrastructure. 10 of them are official campsites, with all the necessary (showers, toilets, shops, cafes).

Latest reviews on Albania's beaches

Please note that lifeguards supervise 70 beaches in the country, but you should rely on more than just them, remember the elementary rules, as lifeguards are not on duty around the clock, even on equipped beaches!

Finding a restaurant in Albania is easy enough, many of them are located close to the beaches. Each is good in its way and has a certain charm. You can find out more about nearby food outlets on beach pages.

Finding hotels in relative proximity to the beaches is usually fine. Many beaches have enough nearby accommodation, which gives good opportunities to choose the right place to stay.

And, probably, the most popular question among travelers: “What sights of Albania can be found relatively close to the beaches?” It is impossible to list all of them, there are a lot of attractions. So you will find where to go!

Do you know how many beaches there are in Albania? In total there are 115 beaches and the most popular is Lukova beach.

Most viewed beaches of Albania

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main features of best beaches in Albania?

When it comes to finding the best beaches in Albania, the following aspects should be taken into account.

There are 115 beaches in total, of which about 46 can be called high-rated.

The best beaches in the majority:

They are also usually:

The best beaches in Albania:

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How to view only nearest to me beaches in Albania?

To find the beaches closest to your current geolocation, click the Nearby Beaches icon in the search box. You will see the nearest beaches sorted by distance from you.

Note, that if you only want to see the beaches closest to you in Albania, you must be in that area to get the correct results.

See also: View all beaches in Albania and create your selection by features.

What are all easy accessible beaches in Albania?

Most of the beaches located in Albania are easily accessible, but there are also hard to reach beaches among them. Use the filter to sort the beaches by access details (parking, distance etc.).

Popular categories of beaches in Albania by access:

See also the categories:

Top 5 popular beaches with easy access in Albania:

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How to view all sandy beaches or beaches with other natural features in Albania?

Use the "Main features" section of the filter in search results to see all the beaches with the feature you're interested in.

The most popular selections of beaches with natural features are listed below. Don't forget that you can create your own selection with any combination of features

Beach coverage and water

Natural scenery

Other popular categories

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How to find uncrowded beaches in Albania?

The presence of crowds of tourists on the beach these days is becoming a mass character, and sometimes you want silence and solitude. Use the filter in search results to view the beaches in Albania by occupancy.

Popular categories:

View all beaches in Albania and select by features

Which beaches in Albania are kid-friendly, good for relax, pet-friendly, naturist-friendly, camping-friendly?

How to view all beaches by amenities details in Albania?

How to view all beaches by activity of interest in Albania?

Use the "Activity" section of the filter in search results to view the selections of beaches by one or multiple activities. Below are a few popular selections that you can change as you like using our filter.

View all beaches in Albania and select by activity

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