Hummanaya Bay Beach

Hummanaya Bay Beach

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in Kudawella
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Kudawella, ,

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  • Esperanza Beach Vill... 2.6km
  • Surf Cafe 3.6km
  • Dots Bay House 3.6km
  • blue beach paradise 3.7km


  • Viewpoint - Kudawell... 10 min walk
  • Freedom Rock 20 min walk
  • Kati Corner 3.9km
  • Dikwella Information... 4km


  • KCT 46km
  • Dedduwawala Bus Stop 3.1km
  • Wewrukannala 4.1km


  • Kudawella 340m
  • Colombo 144km

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6.8/10 Good
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6.8/10 Good
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Questions and answers

What is the water and sand quality of the Hummanaya Bay Beach?

The beach has a sandy and rocky covering of brown color. It's very clean, the surface has a mixed fraction. The water is impeccably turquoise.

What are the key activities at Hummanaya Bay Beach?

For the main activity - sunbathing, there are no sun loungers on the Hummanaya Bay Beach, so you need to take personal items with you and there is a natural shade that can become a lifesaver on a hot day.

Is the Hummanaya Bay Beach good for swimming?

The entrance to the water is gentle, the bottom is a bit rocky, so it is recommended to wear aqua shoes.

Hummanaya Bay Beach does not have a wave-protected swimming area, but there are usually no strong waves during the season.

Is the Hummanaya Bay Beach good for families?

Family travelers should consider the following features of the beach. This is the natural virgin beach with minimal amenities. It's covered with mixture of sand and stones and the entrance to the water is gentle.

Is the Hummanaya Bay Beach secluded and good for relaxing?

There are several buildings near the beach. During the high season, the occupancy of the beach is moderate, which is very good for lovers of a relaxing holiday.

Is there any food or beverages in the area of Hummanaya Bay Beach?

There is no restaurant or bar directly on Hummanaya Bay Beach.

There are 4 restaurants nearby.Esperanza Beach Villa & Spa is the closest place located 2600 meters from the beach.

How far is the Hummanaya Bay Beach from parking?

The Hummanaya Bay Beach has a parking spot. It is not very large, so in high season it can be busy. The approximate distance from parking is less than 100 metres.

Are there any attractions nearby Hummanaya Bay Beach?

There are 4 attractions near Hummanaya Bay Beach that are popular with travelers. The nearest are Viewpoint - Kudawella located in 0.7 km. See the attractions section for details.

What is the best time of the year to visit Hummanaya Bay Beach?

The month with the highest temperature in Hummanaya Bay Beach is April. Its average value reaches 31°C. The warmest sea is in April, the average value is 30°C. The coldest month is September with air temperature 29°C and water 28°C. See more details in weather section.

Is the beach good for sunbathing?

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