About Klemskerke

Klemskerke village is located in Belgium, and famous for its turquoise water, whose crystal clarity is incredible! This increases the level of beach recreation, since the better the water, the more pleasant it is to be in it! But don't be too cool!

Nearest beaches in Klemskerke

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Good for Relax
Very good
Free entrance • Amenities beach • Easy access • Bright sand • Turquoise pure water • Large low tide
5 Amenities index
Free entrance • Amenities beach • Easy access • Bright sand • Crowded in season • Large low tide
5 Amenities index
Good for Relax

Blankenberge beach

Blankenberge 0.7 km
Free entrance • Amenities beach • Easy access • Bright sand • Turquoise water • Sand bottom
4.8 Amenities index
Good for Relax
Free entrance • Amenities beach • Easy access • Bright sand • Turquoise water • Sand bottom
2.7 Amenities index

Resting by the sea for each traveler is associated with different activities. Someone loves complete relaxation and silence, while others need activity. Our configurator will always help you choose a beach that meets your personal needs.

If a beach holiday for you is primarily the sound of the surf, the cries of seagulls over the pier and leisurely walks along the coast, then you are definitely a fan of calm beaches. The most popular beaches for such a holiday in the vicinity of Klemskerke are Bredene beach, Blankenberge beach, Ostend Beach.

The list of available beach activities is certainly important, but for many travelers it is not a determining factor when choosing a vacation spot. Below you will find some information about the natural features of the beaches of Klemskerke, we hope that this information will help you find the place of your dreams.

The beaches of village are mainly wide. According to reviews of major beach experts and vacationers, most beaches have a high level of cleanliness. Sandy beaches dominate the rest!

Usually, the depth increases very smoothly. If this is important to you, always use our filter to check for a particular beach.

It's worth noting that 2 beaches in Klemskerke have a significant tidal range. This means that the water can recede from the shore for a long distance and vice versa, causing unexpected situations for you or your belongings. Keep this in mind when planning your beach activities and be sure to check our filter for information on tidal ranges.

Latest reviews on Klemskerke's beaches

Bredene beach
8 Ezra

The beach is really nice, and the dunes provide a great spot to sit as they offer protection from the wind.

Klein strand oostende
6 Ember

We were not allowed to swim, as the beach was quite crowded. However, it was well-maintained with plenty of guards and police officers ensuring safety. Additionally, there was a dedicated rescue team keeping a watchful eye on beachgoers. The beach was conveniently surrounded by a variety of shops, a bazaar, and numerous restaurants.

Ostend Beach
4 Fou Juo

The epitome of overrated vacation destinations. But if you must subject yourself to the sand and sun, this one at least has the decency to be clean. Don't get too excited though, because there's not much else going on. Sure, there's a light house and marina, but unless you're a seagull or a fisherman, those won't be of much interest. And don't even get me started on the "lots to do" claim. Unless you consider sunburn and sand in your bathing suit a fun activity, you'll be sorely disappointed. But hey, at least there's underground parking.

Blankenberge beach
7 Simone L

I had a short stay here and overall, it was enjoyable. However, it's worth noting that some of the beach areas near the promenade are restricted to private access.

The warmest month during the year in this area is August, with the air temperature rising up to 19.7°C and the water temperature up to 19.2°C. The coldest month is January, with the air temperature dropping down to 7.7°C and the water temperature down to 7.7°C.