Croatia is a paradise for lovers of beach holidays, clean sea and pristine nature. Moreover, the Adriatic Sea, with its healing properties, automatically transforms your beach entertainment into an act of healing.

Regardless of your expectations, you will not only have a perfect holiday, but you will also improve your health. The number of tourists visiting the beaches of the Adriatic is continuously increasing. What are Croatian beaches like?

General information about Croatian beaches

Croatia has a great number of well-appointed, picturesque beaches. Today there are about 130 beautiful beaches and more than 20 marinas. In Croatia you will not find ugly beaches, dull squares or dirty beaches. All beaches in the country are marvelous, but each in their own way. You can find all kinds of beaches and playgrounds. Love the rocky terrain, the rocky quirks of nature descending from the skyline straight into the sea? You'll find these magical places. Do you like soft, fluffy sand that wraps up on the beach like a grandmother's featherbed? You'll find a place like that too. Do you dream of white pebbles that you associate with a happy, carefree childhood? Croatia is ready to offer you a guided tour to the sea of your childhood. All in all, every maritime whim comes true in this sunny country. The combination of wildlife, environmental cleanliness and unrivaled service with the innate hospitality of the locals also impresses travelers. So don't be surprised if you don't want to consider any alternatives after a vacation in Croatia.

Beach types in Croatia

All beach holiday areas in the country can be roughly divided into three types:

  1. Sandy; 
  2. Pebbly; 
  3. Platform beaches. 

Croatia's fluffy beaches are mainly concentrated in and around Dubrovnik, on the islands of Krk, Lopud, Hvar, Pag, Dugi, Vis, Mljet, Korčula and Rab and on the Omiš Riviera. It's hard to claim that all the beaches in the country are soft and sandy, but if you know where to go, you're bound to find a cozy and suitable place for you.

Pebble beaches are concentrated in the Middle and Southern Dalmatia area.

The coastline is surrounded by a pine forest, which not only gives off a wonderful, calming aroma, but also has a beneficial effect on health. Pebbles on the beaches are predominantly white, soft, beautiful to the eye and pleasant to the touch. Do you want a free unlimited nature massage? Choose a pebble beach. The best among them are the beaches of the Riviera of Makarska, namely:

The most common format of Croatian beaches is platform beaches. Platform beaches are present everywhere. This format is common to both public shorelines and private beaches organized near holiday camps and hotels. A platform is a concrete base leading in steps to the edge of the sea. You can relax on the platform, for example, like on the terrace by the pool. It is clean and beautiful, with comfortable sunbeds, high quality, securely fitted umbrellas and other beach facilities. The beach platform is the best option for holidaymakers who don't like to find sand in their bags or stones in their shoes, the real children of megalopolises who appreciate comfort built on ultra-modern technology. So if the first time you find it unusual to relax on this kind of beach, perhaps the second time, you won't be able to imagine how it could be any other way.

In Croatia, virtually all beaches are free, most of them municipal, but there are also private ones organized by owners of private villas or boarding houses. As you have understood, building a beach platform in Croatia is not a problem, especially if you care about the good name of your resort and the comfort of travelers who come to bask in the sea. You may be charged for the use of beach facilities (umbrellas, sunbeds), but not too much.

Best Croatian beaches

It's hard to say that a particular beach is the best in the country, as tastes and opinions of holidaymakers vary, but nevertheless, we'll try to take a rough guide based on the views of the vast majority of tourists. The flagships of Croatian beaches include the following.

Zlatni Rat - the only transformer beach on the planet

Zlatni Rat is a kind of «visiting card» of the whole country, because millions of tourists travel to Croatia to see this wonderful place and to make sure that miracles exist. The beach is located on the island of Brač. The peculiarity of this place is that the beach changes its shape all the time. How is it possible? It is simple: the tongue-shaped part of the beach is 600m deep into the sea, so the sand keeps shifting under the influence of the wind and the water, thus changing the shape of the beach. Imagine, you come in the morning, looking for a spot you were relaxing on yesterday and it is already underwater, while the beach itself has turned from a rectangle into a rhombus or a snake? How do you like that perspective? You want to see this marvel of the sea, of course! So do many of the Brunch Island tourists. Apart from its exclusivity, Zlatni Rat is also famous for being a holder of the so-called Blue Flag, which is a sign of cleanliness.

Zlatni Rat is a gentle, pine-covered beach with a surface of fine pebbles. Entrance is free. Sunbeds and umbrellas are for hire, there are plenty of water attractions and a children's playground, and a string of colorful restaurants with terraces line the beach. Nearby you can find a diving school and wellness center. Experienced travelers recommend a trip to Vidova gora, which is located near Zlatni Rat. Its summit is the highest point on the Adriatic and has a height of 778 meters.

Punta Rata is the most beautiful beach in Europe

Punta Rata awarded Forbes, and Brela Beach ranked sixth in the top ten beaches of the world. Punta Rata is covered in fine, snow-white, beautiful pebbles and the area is surrounded by colorful pine trees. Sometimes you feel like you're in a fairy tale, as it is so beautiful and interesting. Start off by basking in the gentle sun, then turn your attention to the entertainment, which includes catamarans, motorbikes, slides and other water attractions. Afterwards you can get a massage in the massage room right on the beach. Above the beach itself there is a promenade where tourists stroll in the evenings, go to local restaurants and pizzerias and indulge in delicious Croatian cuisine. If you travel by car, you can park it at a paid car park near the beach. There are many hotels nearby, as well as private villas, so if Punta Rata is to your liking, stay for the whole holiday.

Banye is the country's best sandy beach

Croatia's softest and fluffiest beach, Banye, is located in the legendary Dubrovnik, the country's most popular resort. Lovers of sandy beaches and crystal-clear seas flock here every summer. The Banye is bustling with activity day and night, as after sundown, the famous beach becomes a nightclub. This is the place to hang out for the young, while the EastWest Beach Club, the most opulent Roman nightclub in the country, throws open its doors. Don't be surprised if you see a celebrity, a famous athlete or a famous artist on the dance floor, because Dubrovnik is one of the most fashionable places in the world. After a night of fun, the soft sands of Banyeare the best bed, so go out in the morning and sunbathe, as the beach is so soft you will be ready to trade in your favorite bed for it. There's no doubt that one of the chicest beaches has a well-developed infrastructure for water fun. Here you can find just what the tourist soul desires. Paragliding, water polo, volleyball, catamaran rides, banana boat rides, water skiing, football, tennis and many other activities await you in Banye. Admission is free, as is standard in Croatia. Welcome to Croatia's most luxurious beach!

Vela Plaža - the perfect beach for children

Going to Croatia as a family? Avid travelers recommend families with children to visit the famous island of Krk with its sandy and pebbly beach, Vela Plaža, near Baška. There are plenty of cozy hotels close by, all of them with different star ratings, so you can choose the best value for your money. The beach itself is very long - 2 km long, so there is enough space for everyone.

The sandy entrance to the water is very pleasant for the little ones, so they enjoy having fun by the water. Like any beach in Croatia, the Vela Plaža is full of activities, so it will be fun and interesting.

Nudist beaches

Finally, good news for those who want to enjoy their holiday with a twist and for dessert, there are plenty of nudist beaches in Croatia. You can identify them by their abbreviation 'FFK', which translates from German as 'free body culture'. They are usually a kind of enclosed beach area that is often accessed for a fee. "Why such an abundance of nudist beaches?" - you might ask. And the secret is simple: Croatia bears for a long time a proud title of the world capital of nudism, here is the highest density of naturist resorts on the planet, and the highest level, having the Blue Flag sign of ecological purity. Are you curious? Then remember: The most famous and beautiful nudist beaches:

  • Valalta is a large camping complex with a 5 km long beach, equipped with bungalows and a sports club;
  • Koversada, a huge naturist resort covering 120 hectares of coastline with a cozy beach and plenty of activities, located on Vrsar, where even in restaurants vacationers are allowed to come naked;
  • Valalta in the fairytale-like resort of Rovinj;
  • Nugal - a cozy beach between Tučeli and Makarska;
  • Paklina on the famous island of Brac.

It should be noted that most of the nudist beaches are family-friendly by the water. By the way, some families have come to this area first with their children and now with their grandchildren, so it's possible to make friends with fellow travelers from all over the world.

Croatia's best beaches

It's not enough to know which are the best beaches, it's important to know where to stay - we've compiled a selection of the best beaches in Croatia for you, including beaches such as:

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