The gentle sea with the purest water and the magnificent find sandy beaches of Cayman Islands attract more and more tourists yearly. The crystal turquoise color of the seawater sets the level of your vacation somewhere between stunning and perfect. So if you are looking for the perfect sea, this is your place!

General information

The coastline of Cayman Islands is primarily straight, with endless miles of beaches that have their charm, giving a feeling of absolute freedom. Many of them have a natural shade that saves in the midday heat.

One of the interesting features of Cayman Islands is that most of its beaches are located away from the city's bustle, and many offer unforgettable views and magnificent seascapes. Maybe this This may not be the main factor determining the choice, but you must agree that getting a tan against an amazing landscape is much more pleasant!

Calm, measured rest and the sound of waves are perhaps the most common associations that arise with the word "beach". This is not surprising, as relaxation is exactly what many beach travelers are looking for. If you associate your vacation primarily with such activity, choose one of the 27 beaches in the country.

To make your choice easier, we have prepared a list of the best beaches for relaxation in Cayman Islands.

For pet lovers, and even more so for dog owners, the first question always arises whether it is possible to take your pet to the beach since entry with it, in most cases, can be prohibited.

Cayman Islands is an exception in this case, since on average there are more pet-friendly beaches than nearby country. According to our data there are 3 beaches which have guaranteed access with pets, a full list of beaches can be found on this page. So you will be sure that you and your pet will have a great time under the gentle sun.

Attraction and Infrastructure

Dozens of beaches in Cayman Islands attract every year not only relaxation lovers but also those travelers who prefer outdoor activities and, first of all snorkeling lovers, kayakers, kite surfers.

So, let's see what activities you can do on the beaches:

  • Kite or windsurfing. We know firsthand how difficult it is sometimes to find the right place for your favorite activity, especially if it is kite or windsurfing. So if you are a fan of these activities, then Cayman Islands may be the right choice for you, as there are over 5 beaches popular among kiters and windsurfers. There will be a fair wind, we are sure!
  • Snorkeling. For admirers of the inner beauty of coastal waters, it is essential to know that about 15 beaches in Cayman Islands that are popular with snorkelers. According to our users, the best locations are: Seven Mile beach, Spotts beach, Crescent beach.
  • Sea kayaking is an excellent alternative to long walks along the coast. Instead of being bored on the beach, you can go for a leisurely journey and discover the beauty of the neighboring coves, inlets and wild beaches. Remember, the main gems are always accessible only from the water. Kayaking is an excellent active lifestyle solution for both professionals and beginners. About 11 beaches in Cayman Islands can be interesting for kayakers, the most popular are: Seven Mile beach, Spotts beach.

As for the main features of the beaches of Cayman Islands, they are as follows:

  • The country's beaches are mainly narrow, quite short and have a high level of cleanliness. The most common surface is fine sand of bright color.
  • Usually, entry into the water is moderately gentle, such beaches are 18.
  • The average distance from the road to beach in Cayman Islands is less than 500 meters. 27 beaches are relatively easy to access.

Wild beaches with no infrastructure dominate the coastline of Cayman Islands however, even here you can find a beach with a standard set of accessories: sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants, showers and toilets.

Finding hotels in relative proximity to the beaches is usually fine. Many beaches have enough nearby accommodation, which gives good opportunities to choose the right place to stay.

Do you know how many beaches there are in Cayman Islands? In total there are 27 beaches and the most popular is Seven Mile beach.