Agia Marina Mikrolimanou

Panorama Mikrolimanou

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in Attica



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+18 oC +14 oC
Air temperature
3.7 M/S
+15 oC
Water temperature
0.8 M
Wave height

Syri, Attica,

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Beach overall scores

Very poor
"Difficult dirt road but if you are persistent, it is beautiful scenery."
Σπύρος Σγουρόπουλος
"The entire area has some of the cleanest beaches in Attica! I have been swimming in these waters for the past 35 years....."
George Tourlos
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Panorama Mikrolimanou photo #1 (c) Unknown user Google
Panorama Mikrolimanou photo #2 (c) Marinos Aravidis Google
"Difficult dirt road but if you are persistent, it is beautiful scenery."
Σπύρος Σγουρόπουλος
"The entire area has some of the cleanest beaches in Attica! I have been swimming in these waters for the past 35 years....."
George Tourlos
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Beach surroundings


  • Archaeological Museu... 4.3km
  • Γαλλική Μεταλλευτική... 4.5km
  • Mineralogical Museum... 4.5km
  • Syntribánia 4.5km


  • ATH 23.6km
  • ΓΑΛΑΖΙΑ ΑΚΤΗ 19.1km
  • Old train station Ma... 19.7km


  • Syri 570m
  • Athens 40km

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6.7/10 Good
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6.7/10 Good
Average Reviews rating
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Questions and answers

What is the water and sand quality of the Panorama Mikrolimanou?

Panorama Mikrolimanou has a golden sand and pebble cover. It's very clean, the surface is pure and unmixed. The water near the beach is clean and almost blue in sunny weather. The entrance to the water is a mixture of sand and pebbles, so it is recommended to wear aqua shoes.

What are the key activities at Panorama Mikrolimanou?

For the main activity - sunbathing, there are no sun loungers on the Panorama Mikrolimanou, so you need to take personal items with you and there is no natural shade, so be careful on a hot day.

Is the Panorama Mikrolimanou good for swimming?

The entrance to the water is gentle, the bottom is comfortable. The prevalence of sharks in the area is low.

Panorama Mikrolimanou does not have a wave-protected swimming area, but there are usually no strong waves during the season.

Is the Panorama Mikrolimanou good for families?

Family travelers should consider the following features of the beach. This is the natural virgin beach with minimal amenities. It's covered with sand mixed with pebbles and the entrance to the water is gentle.

Is the Panorama Mikrolimanou secluded and good for relaxing?

The beach is located in a natural area. It's not on the main paths, so this place is somewhat hidden. During the high season, the occupancy of the beach is moderate, which is very good for lovers of a relaxing holiday.

Is there any food or beverages in the area of Panorama Mikrolimanou?

There is no restaurant or bar directly on Panorama Mikrolimanou.

What is the closest accommodation to the Panorama Mikrolimanou?

There are 198 places to stay in the Panorama Mikrolimanou area.

Some of the best hotels in the area of Panorama Mikrolimanou include:

The most popular other types of accommodations nearby:

How far is the Panorama Mikrolimanou from parking?

The Panorama Mikrolimanou has a parking spot. It is not very large, so in high season it can be busy. The approximate distance from parking is less than 100 metres.

Are there any attractions nearby Panorama Mikrolimanou?

There are 4 attractions near Panorama Mikrolimanou that are popular with travelers. The nearest are Archaeological Museum of Lavrion located in 4.3 km. See the attractions section for details.

What is the best time of the year to visit Panorama Mikrolimanou?

The month with the highest temperature in Panorama Mikrolimanou is August. Its average value reaches 32°C. The warmest sea is in August, the average value is 26°C. The coldest month is January with air temperature 13°C and water 15°C. See more details in weather section.

Is the beach good for sunbathing?

Panorama Mikrolimanou (Attica) is not fully equipped for sunbathing. However, if you are not picky and are willing to spread out on a towel, you can sunbathe here as well. The natural shade will allow you to hide from the scorching sun in the peak of its activity. Well, the photos of our visitors will be the best proof of that, all the available photos of the beach are above.Panorama Mikrolimanou (Attica) is a place for true nature lovers, but if you like sunbathing on the beach, then this location is not the best option. There are no sunbeds and umbrellas, and even there is no natural shade to hide you from the scorching sun. From positives, the presence of sand, on which you can sit comfortably. But do not forget sunscreen for this place, such a recommendation is relevant. Photos of the beach you can see above. All photos are taken by our visitors personally.

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