Sandy beaches, clear turquoise water and mountain landscapes - all this is magnificent Taiwan. Mountains and sea - a powerful mixture that takes the breath away from even the most sophisticated traveler! Please don't say we didn't warn you!

General information

Long straight beaches dominate the coast of Taiwan. Large spaces mean you can always find a comfortable place to relax. That is why travelers appreciate these places so much. One of the disadvantages of this type of beach is the scarce natural shade, so if you choose to relax on the wild part of the coast, be prepared to be alone with the scorching sun without the opportunity to take cover in a cool shade.

Most beaches of Taiwan are located within the boundaries of settlements, so natural landscapes are not so frequent here. Lovers of beauty are better off focusing on studying the local traditional architecture and interesting features of life. But wherever you are, if you can get up early and see the morning sea, then a portion of beauty is always guaranteed to you.

Calm, measured rest and the sound of waves are perhaps the most common associations that arise with the word "beach". This is not surprising, as relaxation is exactly what many beach travelers are looking for. If you associate your vacation primarily with such activity, choose one of the 20 beaches in the country.

To make your choice easier, we have prepared a list of the best beaches for relaxation in Taiwan.

Attraction and Infrastructure

Some beaches in Taiwan attract every year not only relaxation lovers but also those travelers who prefer outdoor activities and, first of all kayakers, kite surfers, surfers.

So, let's see what activities you can do on the beaches:

  • Surfing. There is probably no person in the world who has never seen these talented boys and girls riding the wave. Whether you are a professional surfer or just an athlete with a brave heart, the beaches of Taiwan will suit both of you, as this country is quite popular among surfers. There are about 3 beaches good suitable for surfing, choose carefully, don't miss the beach of your dream!
  • Kite or windsurfing. We know firsthand how difficult it is sometimes to find the right place for your favorite activity, especially if it is kite or windsurfing. So if you are a fan of these activities, then Taiwan may be the right choice for you, as there are over 4 beaches popular among kiters and windsurfers. There will be a fair wind, we are sure!
  • Sea kayaking is an excellent alternative to long walks along the coast. Instead of being bored on the beach, you can go for a leisurely journey and discover the beauty of the neighboring coves, inlets and wild beaches. Remember, the main gems are always accessible only from the water. Kayaking is an excellent active lifestyle solution for both professionals and beginners. About 7 beaches in Taiwan can be interesting for kayakers, the most popular are: Wuyanjiao Beach, Chongde Gravel Beach.

As for the main features of the beaches of Taiwan, they are as follows:

  • The country's beaches are mainly wide, long and have a high level of cleanliness. The most common surface is sand of gray color.
  • Since many beaches are sandy, we recommend taking special shoes with you to avoid discomfort during your vacation.
  • Usually, entry into the water is moderately gentle, such beaches are 10.
  • An important clarification, 14 beaches in the country have a long intertidal zone, which means that during low tide hours you may have to travel a considerable distance. This is also something to consider if you don't want to suddenly be in the water at high tide.
  • The average distance from the road to beach in Taiwan is less than 500 meters. 19 beaches are relatively easy to access, and 1 beach are only accessible from the water. The latter include both island beaches and beaches with no land routes due to the natural borders.

Wild beaches with no infrastructure dominate the coastline of Taiwan however, even here you can find a beach with a standard set of accessories: sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants, showers and toilets.

For campers, important information is the availability of campsites in the country. There are such places near the 5 beaches of Taiwan. 4 of them are official campsites, with all the necessary (showers, toilets, shops, cafes).

Please note that lifeguards supervise 4 beaches in the country, but you should rely on more than just them, remember the elementary rules, as lifeguards are not on duty around the clock, even on equipped beaches!

Do you know how many beaches there are in Taiwan? In total there are 20 beaches and the most popular is Wuyanjiao Beach.